Sick Time Requests/Donations


The CARE Executive Board has received requests for help from members requesting and/or wishing to donate sick leave to other members. In an effort to help facilitate the process, CARE is sharing the information regarding the process. Additionally, those seeking help with sick leave dontations can be found here. 


  • The employee must have medical documentation on file, and must be in an approved leave of absence status (FMLA or Non-FMLA Medical Leave of Absence) including the estimated duration of the leave.
  • The employee must have first exhausted his/her own accumulated sick leave, vacation time, personal days and compensatory time.
  • Sick leave contribution is for approved leaves of absence for illness, not for daily use of sick leave.
  • Per CARE CBA, "The employee must not be in any step of the Attendance Policy (except for employees who are on Step 1, and have a gr ievance pending challenging his/her placement in Step 1 of the Attendance Policy or are on Step 1 due to a violation of the City's AWOL or Tardiness Control policies), may submit a written request for sick leave donations from other bargaining unit members."



  • Employees must have a minimum balance of one hundred and twenty (120) hours of sick leave immediately following the donation.
  • Employees cannot contribute more than one hundred and twenty (120) hours
    of sick leave in total donations per calendar year.
  • Sick leave donations may be donated to and/or received from employees
    within the CARE/ILA Local 1975 and CWA Local 4340 bargaining units.
  • The Voluntary Sick Leave Contribution Form (page 3 of the General Order, available below) must be filled out properly and completely

Members Helping Members


The following members are seeking Sick Leave dontations. please submit the form (below) to Sergeant Leshia Flowers,

General Order 1.29 - Voluntary Sick Leave Contribution

Click to read and/or download the General Order for the qualifications and process.

GO-1.29 Voluntary Sick Leave Contribution
GO-1.29 Voluntary Sick Leave Contributio[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [385.7 KB]

Voluntary Sick Leave Contribution Form

This form is mandatory and must be filled out by the donating member

Voluntary Sick Leave Contribution Form
Voluntary Sick Leave Contribution Form.p[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [52.5 KB]
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