Patient Follow Up


If you would like to follow up on any patients that you have taken to the local hospitals, such as Traumas and Critical Medicals, please feel free to reach out to the contacts provided below.  Please include as much of the following information as possible in your email:

Patient Name , DOB, Medic Unit, Date / Time of Transfer, Chief Complaint

Metro Health Medical Center:

David Yarmesch

Cleveland Clinic Hospital System:

Tom Beers  216-312-0933

Also the CCF EMS app is free for APPLE / ANDROID and includes all EMS coordinators and their associated phone numbers for each CCF Hospital in their system.

CCF EMS Protocols App is the App needed to be downloaded.  The contact information for each EMS Coordinaton for every hospital in the CCF system is available in the app.

University Hospitals:

Medical Emergencies

Justin Magill 480-907-4461


Kelly Montgomery 216-844-3188


Jennifer Hoff

Rainbow and  Peds Trauma:

Moni James 216-286-0820

Adult Trauma

Sandra Daly-Crossley







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