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The Role of CARE Local 1975:

CARE 1975 is the Labor Union for Cleveland (Ohio) EMS paramedics, EMTs, dispatchers and sergeants.


Union Solutions

CARE 1975 is actively working to improve CEMS, both for employees and for the citizens we serve. Some of our recent initiatives include:

  • Implementation of a mental health peer support group as a means of combating PTSD.
  • Advocating for a scheduled vehicle replacement program to increase ambulance reliability.
  • Exploring ways to reduce attrition within CEMS, including working with legislators at the state and local levels to obtain a 25-year retirement plan similar to other public safety agencies.



Community Outreach


CARE 1975 participates in a variety of community outreach activities, including providing bleeding control instruction at street fairs, and distrbuting gun locks as part of Project Childsafe




Next Membership Meetings: May, exact dates TBA.

Meetings will be held at the union hall, 2537 Professor Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 44113.

Attendance raffle is up to $150.


Thanks to all who voted. Newly elected officers include:

First Vice: Mark Barrett

Treasuer: David Jockers

Sergeant at Arms: Chelief Caldwell


At this time, the Executive board has decided to leave the position of second vice unfilled. Currently, the union consitution does not allow for special elections. The President may make an interim appointment at his discresion.



Cleveland Association of Rescue Employees Calls on Cleveland City Council for Support


CLEVELAND, OHIO – In a letter dated Monday, February 18, 2019, the Cleveland Association of Rescue Employees, I.L.A. Local 1975 (“CARE”) called on Cleveland City Council to continue its investment in its EMS Division.

Over the previous two years, the City has invested heavily into its personnel by hiring more EMT’s, Paramedics and EMD’s; while greatly enhancing its capital improvement budget to purchase new ambulances. These investments have significantly improved the Divisions response time, overall patient care and their eventual outcomes.

In order for the City to sustain these improvements, CARE is asking the City to increase its current EMS capital improvement plan so that the division can maintain a reliable ambulance fleet, as the current plan is unsustainable.

CARE further called on City Council to encourage the City to come to a speedy settlement of its 2016 Collective Bargaining Agreement with the City of Cleveland. CARE members have been without a contract since April 2016 and are currently living on 2015 wages, while the City has taken the decision of binding arbitration to court – tying up millions of dollars in wages and benefits for its members.

Cleveland City Council is slated to begin its annual general fund budget hearings today in City Hall.


CARE will continue to be advocates for mental health in our division. The Executive Board appreciates the work that every member puts in on a daily basis. If the need arises, please utilize the Peer Support Hotline: 888 694 8880

For more details about how PTSD affects our membership, see the recent 19news story.

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