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Next Membership Meetings (tenative): Wenesday 7/18/2018 and  Thursday 7/19/2018

Meetings will be held at the union hall, 2537 Professor Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 44113.

Attendance raffle is up to $700.




The Role of CARE Local 1975:

CARE 1975 is the Labor Union for Cleveland (Ohio) EMS paramedics, EMTs, dispatchers and sergeants.


Union Solutions

CARE 1975 is actively working to improve CEMS, both for employees and for the citizens we serve. Some of our recent initiatives include:

  • Implementation of a mental health peer support group as a means of combating PTSD.
  • Advocating for a scheduled vehicle replacement program to increase ambulance reliability.
  • Exploring ways to reduce attrition within CEMS, including working with legislators at the state and local levels to obtain a 25-year retirement plan similar to other public safety agencies.

Community Outreach


CARE 1975 participates in a variety of community outreach activities, including distributing free bicycle helmets to youth, providing free medical coverage to the Ronald McDonald House Tackle the Tower fundraiser, and participating in charity events such as the Officer Down softball tournament.




EMS Week 2018 Complete Schedule:


Monday, May 21

  • Pizza delivered to MHM during the afternoon and evening.
  • Boxed lunches provided to on-duty crews by UH.
  • ER cookout at CCF Main and Marymount.
  • CARE 1975 kickoff event at Townhall starts at 1900 hrs. All current and former members are welcome.

Tuesday, May 22

  • MHM EMS awards (formerly Chris Holt awards) at 12 noon in MHM atrium.
  • ER cookout at Marymount

Wenesday, May 23

  • Boxed lunches provided to on-duty crews by CCF.
  • ER cookouts at UH main, Parma, and Ahuja
  • ER cookout at Marymount and Fairview

Thursday, May 24

  • ER cookouts at UH main, Parma, and Ahuja
  • ER cookout at Fairview

Friday, May 25

  • City of Cleveland EMS awards ceremony 11:30 AM at City Hall
  • Pizza Delivered to MHM during the afternoon and evening
  • ER cookouts at UH main, Parma, and Ahuja
  • ER cookout at Fairview

Additional small gifts may be distributed to active members throughout the week to thank them for their dedication and selfless service.



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