2020 Election Results


Thank you to all the members who stopped by the union hall to vote in the annual elections over the last 2 days. The 2020 Elections Committee tabulated the votes last night and have certified the results as follows:
Paul Melhuish - 60
Aaron Bray - 54
Sarah Cohen - 10
Christina Miller - 18
Tim Sommerfelt - 47
Sharon Kozel - 55


We ask that every time a CEMS member treats a suspected CoVID-19 patient that they take the the time after the call to fill out the On-Duty injury tab on our website.


This applies even if a member does not fill out an exposure packet. By filling out this tab with every encounter, you help us create a written record of all potential encounters.


During our January 2020 membership meetings we conducted a vote of No Confidence in Cleveland EMS Commissioner Nicole Carlton. The motion passed with 187 members voting No Confidence and 1 member opposing the measure. At the time of the vote CARE had 254 members, which means that 66 eligible members did not participate. This means that 74% of CARE members voted No Confidence, 0.004% opposed the measure, and 26% did not take part in the vote.


Click on the PDF below to see the formal articles of No Confidence




in order to better address issues within the Cleveland EMS fleet, the Executive board has created a new e-mail specifically for vehicle issues. In the event of ANY vehicle failure or maintenance issue, please take the following steps:

  1. Follow all divisional rules and policies relating to vehicle failure, including notifying the Red Center Captain via telephone.
  2. If it is safe to do so and does not compromise HIPPA, consider taking a single picture of the vehicle issue.
  3. Follow-up the phone call to the Red Center Captain with an e-mail to Sergeant Guzowski, Dguzowski@city.cleveland.oh.us AND cc the new e-mail: vehiclefailure@care1975.com. Please include the following information:
    1. Vehicle code and assignment (e.g. 15H201 M4)
    2. Date/time of incident
    3. Person reporting name/badge
    4. Name/Badge of Red Center Captain to whom the issue was reported.
    5. Brief description of the problem
    6. Attach ONE single photo (please no videos, they are too large) if it is appropriate and safe to do so.


We have received official notice that the Frank G. Jackson Administration has decided to file an appeal with the 8th District Court of Appeals and will not be settling the EMS contract at this time.


If we had to describe the current mood of the membership, we would have to use words such as outraged and furious. We have been patient, played by the rules, undergone a mediation and arbitration, and finally seen that arbitration upheld when contested in Common Pleas court. Clearly, this administration, specifically Mayor Jackson, Acting Chief of Staff Dumas, and Commissioner Carlton, does not care about the 266 EMS providers who have continued to provide exemplary prehospital care without interruption throughout this entire 4 year process.


We have been truly touched by the hundreds of family members, concerned citizens, and public safety professionals from across the nation, who have written in and shown up to support us over the past week. We are disappointed that the administration has shown such callous disregard for your thoughts and opinions. This is especially egregious, because while several City Council members have taken the time to send a reply to those who wrote in, to our knowledge, not a single city official has responded to any of the messages that were sent.


Our members deserve to have the city recognize mental health as a form of on-duty injury. Our dispatchers deserve a reasonable shift schedule. Our members deserve the pattern raises that have been awarded to every other bargaining unit and city council years ago. Our residents deserve to have their tax dollars spent in a responsible manner, rather than squandered on endless legal battles. Finally, the voters of Cleveland deserve the improvements to EMS service that they were promised when they approved the Issue 32 tax increase.


To put it simply, we believe our that both our members and anyone who depends on EMS deserves better.


Previous Statements:

On December 13, the honorable Judge Michael Russo struck down the city’s motion to vacate our arbitration award. According to this ruling, CARE members are now owed a contract that includes mental health support, star days, better shifts for EMD's, and the increased wages afforded through pattern bargaining. Since the decision was announced, the city has made no movement to enforce the esteemed Judges ruling. In fact, the city has recently informed our attorney that they plan to appeal the court’s decision. It goes without saying that better wages and working conditions are badly needed in this division. Furthermore, we strongly believe that an appeal may deal a crippling blow to the Division of EMS.

CARE still encourages all those who wish to show support to write local policymakers.

2 E-Mail Campaign. We are encouraging members to e-mail policymakers to make them aware of this situation. see below for info on the e-mail campaign.

CEMS is being poorly managed. Our ambulance fleet is failing, our wages are far from competitive, and the figurehead of this division fails to treat people in an equitable manner. Employees are leaving faster than they can be replaced.
Instead of using the money from issue 32 to improve patient care and invest in its employees, the division has wasted this money on costly legal battles. Taxpayer money is being flushed down the toilet to fight mental health support for first responders. Ironically, the city does not even use their own law department for these matters. Instead, they contract an outside law firm at the cost of millions of taxpayer dollars.

So again, we call on everyone to write in and be heard. Stand up for what is right and just. Please contact any member of the board with any questions.
E-Mail Campaign:


The Jackson Administration still refuses to settle the 2016 contract that will provide Mental Health accommodations for EMS providers. It is critical that EMS personnel have access to mental health services and a formal mental health policy.


Please e-mail the policymakers listed below to make them aware of the importance of this issue.


Mayor's Action Center: Mayorsactioncenter@city.cleveland.oh.us
Law Director Barbara Langhenry: BLanghenry@city.cleveland.oh.us
Safety Director Michael McGrath: MMcGrath@city.cleveland.oh.us
HR Manager Nycole West: NWest@city.cleveland.oh.us
Finance Director Sharon Dumas: Sdumas@city.cleveland.oh.us
Chief of Affairs Valarie McCall: vmccall@city.cleveland.oh.us


City Council members:


If you are unsure what to say, a sample letter is available below:


To the policymakers of Cleveland,


I am writing today to express outrage that the Jackson Administration still has not settled the 2016 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with CARE Local 1975, the paramedics union. Since March 2016, CARE has negotiated in good faith and within the collective bargaining process to improve the working conditions for its members. During this process, CARE has engaged in a mediation, binding arbitration, and seen the arbitration upheld when challenged in court.

This CBA is critical, because for the first time, it would provide mental health protections to EMS personnel. Due to the nature of their jobs and the traumatic events they witness, EMS providers are 2-3 times more likely to commit suicide than the general public. I am astounded that the City of Cleveland continues to wage an expensive legal battle against mental health protections for those who are there for us in our worst hour.


Please note that wage increases are not a point of contention. The wage increases have already been determined by pattern bargaining with other unions. That said, because the CBA remains in dispute, EMS personnel have not seen the aforementioned wage increases afforded to other city workers. This has greatly affected the ability of the Division of EMS to retain experienced providers, with over 40 employees (13% of divisional staff) resigning from EMS in 2019 alone. In addition, while EMS received approval to hire 30 new paramedics, very few applied and only 5 made it through the cadet academy. A living wage is crucial to recruit new EMTs, paramedics, and dispatchers to the Division of EMS and maintain enough staff to respond to emergencies.


I urge you to reach out to Jackson Administration and encourage them to drop all challenges and settle the CBA with CARE Local 1975 immediately. Our EMS providers deserve nothing less.





Congratulations to Doug Sternik and Mike Stewart on their retirement.  We appreciate your inspiring dedication and service to the community.  You have touched many lives and have earned the respect of many.   Your experience, wisdom, and kindness will be sorely missed.  We wish you the best of luck



Class A Uniform Sharing

Click HERE to access a shared spreadsheet to coordinate the sharing of Class A Uniforms.

Regional Protocol Airway


September 2019 Inservice

Sept 9th 1300

Sept 10th 0900

Sept 11th 0900

Sept 12th 1300

Sept 16th 1300

Sept 17th 0900

Sept 18th 0900

Sept 19th 1300

Sept 23rd 0900

Sept 24th 0900

Sept 25th 1300

Sept 26th 1300


Please contact Sgt. Peter Garver to schedule at 216.664.2970 or pgarver@city.cleveland.oh.us

June 2019 Inservice


Trauma Overview with Dr Brian Miller


Thursdays in June


June 6th at 1300

June 13th at 1300

June 20th at 0900

June 27th at 0900


MAY 2019 Field In-service:


Cardiac Arrest/ROSC


May 1 at 0900

May 8 at 0900

May 15 at 1300

May 22 at 1300


MAY 2019 Red Center In-service



May 15 at 1530

May 16 at 0830

May 17 at 1530

May 20 at 0830

May 21 at 1530

May 22 at 0830


Wear uniforms for photos




Attention All Members,

There was miscommunication with May in-service information.  When you attend May 2019 In-Service, wear Class C uniform, which is your everyday polo shirts.  DO NOT WEAR THE BABY BLUE BUTTON DOWNS FOR MAY IN-SERVICE 2019.  You will need to bring your ballistic vest as stated.



MAY 2019

Cleveland Public Safety In-Service


Cardiac Arrest/ROSC






0900 hours on May 1 & May 9, 2019

1300 hours on May 15 & May 22, 2019

All in-services held at HQ





Fellow Members,

June 2017 is PTSD Awareness Month. We care about the mental and physical health of our members, and have been working hard to establish a peer support program. In the near future, we will have peer counselors as part of our support program. 

After each in-service in June, members will be invited to attend a voluntary, brief informational session regarding the mental health issues of first responders. These sessions will also include information on the C.A.R.E. Peer Support Program, on the application process to become a C.A.R.E. Peer Support Team Member, and on the requirements to become a Peer Support Counselor. 

We understand that each of you have very busy lives and that it may not be possible for you to attend this voluntary informational session. Therefore, the documents that will be provided at the voluntary session are below and available to download. Even if you have no interest in becoming a Peer Team Member, we ask that you take the time to nominate members you believe would be good in this role.

If you have any questions, please contact Jon Wearstler or Matt Sykes.

Fraternally Yours, 

Jonathon Wearstler
C.A.R.E. Sergeant-At-Arms


October Red Center Inservice

Mapping, Radio Refresher, and Manual Dispatch


October 23 and 25 at 15:30

October 24 and 26 at 08:30


Please schedule your inservice by contacting Sergeant Garcia or Sergeant Dennis


October Inservice

Protocol Review

Copies of the protocol may now be obtained from the Education Department



Please contact Sergeant Mike Catacutan to sign up for a session: 216 664 6026 or mcatacutan@city.cleveland.oh.us


All inservices are at 1300 hrs.


Basic sessions:

  • Oct 2
  • Oct 10
  • Oct 18
  • Oct 26

Medic Sessions:

  • Oct 3
  • Oct 5
  • Oct 9
  • Oct 11
  • Oct 16
  • Oct 19
  • Oct 24
  • Oct 25

CFD Only:

  • Oct 4
  • Oct 12
  • Oct 17
  • Oct 23


September Red Center Inservice

Pro Qa updates and Sharepoint


Sept 17, 18, 19 at 15:30

Sept 19 and 21, at 08:30


Please schedule your inservice by contacting Sergeant Garcia or Sergeant Dennis

September Inservice

Protocol Review

Copies of the protocol may now be obtained from the Education Department

Uniforms are mandatory, updated divisional photos will be taken.

Safety equipment audit will also be undertaken. Please bring all safety gear.


Please contact Sergeant Mike Catacutan to sign up for a session: 216 664 6026 or mcatacutan@city.cleveland.oh.us


All inservices are at 1300 hrs.


Basic sessions:

  • Sept 4
  • Sept 12
  • Sept 20
  • Sept 28

Medic Sessions:

  • Sept 5
  • Sept 6
  • Sept 11
  • Sept 14
  • Sept 18
  • Sept 21
  • Sept 26
  • Sept 27

CFD Only:

  • Sept 7
  • Sept 13
  • Sept 19
  • Sept 25




August 20-Aug 23 and Aug 27-Aug 30 sessions at 0900 and 1300. Aug 24 and Aug 31 (fridays) 0900 sessions only.
Employees need only attend one session.
Topic: Web PCR and Sharepoint presented by the CEMS IT department.


July 2018


Presented by

Travis Gullett MD, Metrohealth

Wenesday July 18th at 9:00 AM

Thursday July 19th at 1:00 PM

Monday July 23rd at 9:00 AM

Wenesday July 25th  at 1:00 PM


CARE was honored to be invited to the Ward 5 festival where our members provided community outreach by teaching bleeding control skills to attendees. We will be conducting similar outreach at the Open Streets events on July 29th from 1-5 PM on MLK Blvd North of University Circle, and On August 18th  from 1-5pm on West 25th in the Clark-Fulton neighborhood. To volunteer for these events email director Sharon Kaleal at skaleal@care1975.com.



June 2018

"Death in the Prehospital Setting and Crime-Scene Preservation"
Presented by
Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner's Office

Friday, June 1st at 9:00 AM

Friday, June 8th at 9:00 AM

Wenesday, June 13th at 9:00 AM

Friday June 29th at 9:00 AM




A special thank you to all who took the time to celebrate EMS week 2018 with us. To our members, know that we appreciate all that you do every week of the year, not just EMS week

Pictures will be added as they become available. Have a picture you would like to share? e-mail history@care1975.com


See more about EMS week 2018 in this EMSWORLD.com story.


EMS playdate.

On June 27th and 28th 2018 at 1pm Director Sharon Kaleal will be organizing an EMS playdate for those with young children at Lakewood park. email Skaleal@care1975.com for more info


The Ohio Police and Fire Games are coming to Canton, Ohio the week of June 10 - 15, 2018.  President Melhuish has reached out to this organization, and they confirmed that CARE 1975 EMTs and Paramedics, CEMS support staff, and spouses are eligible to compete in these games.  The purpose of these games is to support physical and mental fitness of Ohio's active and retired personnel by promoting physical fitness and sport.  This is a great event with lots of fun.


If you intend to sign up for the event, please advise Director Sharon Kaleal skaleal@care1975.com. For more info or to sign up, check out the website at: https://www.ohiopoliceandfiregames.org/


2017 Biometric Screening providers registration form


2017 Biometric Data Reporting Form


           2017 Christmas Party

Christmas will be held DECEMBER 02,2017 at Lago downtown Eastbank of the Flats again this year. If you attended the event last year you know how well the event went. So pass the word we would like to see you there this year. Hotel and transportation services to be given later. 

2017 City of Cleveland Safety Fair

Thanks to all the volunteers for helping on Saturday, June 3, 2017 for helping out with the city of Cleveland's Safety Fair. This year's successful Fair saw the Cleveland Association of Rescue Employees, ILA Local 1975 give away over 300 bicycle helmets to boys and girls of all ages at Michael Zone Recreation Center.

The Nominations Are In and more from January's Meeting

Fellow Members,

Thanks to all who came to the Union Membership meetings in January.  Nominations were made this month and will be voted on in March. 

Nominees are as follows:

President - Daniel Nemeth, Paul Melhuish, and Timothy Sommerfelt

Second Vice President - Matthew Sykes, Mark Barrett, and Desmond Anderson

Secretary - Marilyn Vasicek 

Director - Desmond Anderson and Sharon Kaleal


There was a motion made by Mark Barrett which will also be voted on in March:

The Executive Board Members salaries shall be increased by $100 for each position each month and to re-visit that amount after 1 year.

Currently Executive Board Members monthly salaries are $300 for President, $275 for 1st Vice, $250 for 2nd Vice, $175 for Secretary, $100 for Treasurer, and $75 for Director and Sgt. At Arms.  Our salary has not had an increase since we were established in 1975.


There was also a discussion about bringing back Union Stewards and we think that is a great idea.  So, if anyone is interested in volunteering to be a Union Steward, please let us know via our website.  Please know that the Stewards are not paid and are selected by the Union President and may be given tasks by Board Members to help with certain projects or events.  This is a great way to get more involved and we can certainly use the help.


Lastly, the money in the hopper was set at $550 this month, which you can win just by showing up at one of the meetings in that month.  The number chosen belonged to Mark McMahon, he unfortunately is not eligible to win the money due to he did not attend a Union Meeting this month.  Sorry Mark!

We will send out reminders for the next Union Meetings in March.

HB486 Update & New Voting Times

As our 25 and Out initiative moves forward, House Bill 486 will have its first critical committee meeting this Wednesday, March 7. This is an important next step which CARE is looking for everyone to help out and come pack the room with supporters. Lunch and transportation will be provided for those able to give their time. The more there - the better we will look.


COMMITTEE:  Aging and Long Term Care
CHAIR:  Steven M. Arndt
WHEN:  Wednesday, March 7, 2018
TIME:  1530 hrs
WHERE:  Ohio Statehouse, 1 Capitol Square, Columbus, OH 43215
ROOM:  State House Room 122

Accordingly we'll be adjusting our Union Meetings and General Elections this Wednesday and Thursday to accommodate. The Union Hall will now be open for voting at 0800 hrs on Wednesday, March 7th & Thursday, March 8th - and will remain open until 2130 hrs both days - to allow as many different members from day or night shift and Red Center the opportunity to vote. 

The Wednesday 1230 hrs meeting will be moved to 1030, and will conclude by 1200 hrs in order for our membership to leave for Columbus. 

We will then carpool down to Columbus for the 1530 hrs meeting. We will return to the Union Hall by 2000 hrs for the evening meeting. Thursdays meeting will remain the same at 1930 hrs with voting being open all day from 0800-2130 hrs.

Updated schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, March 7, 2018
Voting:  0800-2130
Meeting:  1030-1200
Meeting:  2000-2200

Thursday, March 8, 2018
Voting: 0800-2130
Meeting: 1930-2200

Again, this is your opportunity to get actively involved with your retirement future. Please join us on Wednesday - on this important day for CARE membership.

2017-1 CEMS Academy Graduation

2017-1 Cleveland EMS Academy Graduates taking the Oath of Office

Congratulations to the Cleveland Emergency Medical Service Academy Class of 2017-1.

The Academy graduated 19 Paramedics and 8 Emergency Medical Technicians, following an intense 14 week academy class which challenged the cadets academically, physically and emotionally.

These 27 men and women are now working individually with Field Training Officers - work side by side with the FTO and their partners for the next 3-8 weeks. This ride time is to prepare them to join the field staff.

The graduates are the first of two classes to be hired as a result of the additional funding coming into the City of Cleveland via the voter approved income tax increase.

CEMS is expected to hire as many as 100 new EMT's and Paramedics in this expansion - increasing the number of ALS ambulances from 18 to 25 by 2018.

The Cleveland Association of Rescue Employees, ILA Local 1975 welcomes these new recruits and looks forward to their joining the team.

Click to see photos

16th Annual Tackle the Tower

Stair Climb Race & Walk to benefit Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland // 42 Floors! 802 Steps!

DATE:  Saturday, February 3, 2018   //   8am-1pm

PLACE: NEW LOCATION!! Terminal Tower at Tower City Center 848 Public Square Cleveland, OH 44113

Stair Climb - Timed (42 Floors)
Stair Climb - Fun Walk (42 Floors)
Kids Climb - Fun Run/Walk (10 Floors) Ages 10 & Under Only

We are looking for volunteers and participants to help again with this fun event.  If you are interested, please email Director Desmond Anderson at Danderson@care1975.com by 1/30/18.  Let's see if we can top last years number of volunteers. 

Click here for more information

2017 CARE Holiday Party

Tickets and reservations for the party must be made by November 24, 2017. 

If you are interested in staying overnight at the Aloft, which would be December 2, please reserve by November 17, 2017.  The information needed to make reservations at the Aloft is below:

Group Code: CL02AC

Group Name: CARE/Local 1975 or Local 1975?CARE.  (The Code does not work online)

Toll Free: 855-811-0037.

Rate: $129.00 plus tax.  Rate is valid until 11/17/17.

If you are interested in attending the party, please contact Director Desmond Anderson at 216-406-4945 or danderson@care1975.com.

2017 Chili Cook Off

Save the date!  The 2017 Chili Cook off to benefit Make A Wish is set for Saturday, September 16 from 2pm to 7pm at Rivals Sports Grille. 

Paramedics and EMT's from Cleveland EMS will be competing against members of area fire departments and local nurses to be the Chili Cook Off Champion of 2017.

Rivals is located at 6710 Smith Rd. in Middleburg Hts. Tickets are $15 adults, $5 kids over 5 yrs, Free for kids under 5. 

Come join the fun with your favorite first responders from Cleveland EMS. There will be plenty of food, live music and cold drinks for all!

Browns - First Responders Game

2017 CARE Summer Picnic  **UPDATED LOCATION**

Attention A Shifters! Sunday, September 17 (A Shift off) from 12 noon to 2100 hrs. Come join us for the end of summer fun!  

Valley View Woods Park, 13005 Schreiber Rd., Valley View  44125

2nd Annual You're Knott Alone Golf Outing Sponsorship Opportunities

2017 Sponsorship Request Letter


2nd Annual "You're Knott Alone Golf Outing"

Building on the success of last years' inaugural event, CARE Local 1975 is excited to present the 2nd Annual Golf Outing on Sunday, June 25, 2017 at Berkshire Hills Country Club. 

  • WHAT:  This years' event is set for 18 holes of golf with a cart in a 4-person scramble format. There will be Lunch, Steak Dinner, Raffle, Skins, Beat the Pro, Longest Drive, Closest to the pin and More
  • WHEN:  Sunday, June 25, 2017
  • WHERE:  Berkshire Hills Country Club, 9760 Mayfield Rd, Chesterland Oh 44026
  • COST:  $80/Golfer or $320/Team of four
  • TIME:  Registration - 7:30AM  //  Shotgun Start - 9:00AM

Funds raised will be used toward awareness and peer support training programs to assist our First Responders and their family members with personal, one-to-one support and referral during their time of personal or professional difficulty


Online registration above for players/teams


Further questions contact:

Daniel Nemeth  216-543-9066    Matt Sykes  440-543-9067   Des Anderson 216-406-4945


Downloadable flyer is below...

Here is our new CARE Logo

National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week 2016

This Week we celebrate National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week.  We cannot thank all of our EMDs up at the Red Center for all the hard work and long hours that they put in each and every day 24/7/365.  Remember, our patients cannot receive our help in the field without the help of our EMDs first, and we thank you for that!!!

Fellow Members, 

From jump starting a heart to filling a patient's lungs with oxygen, we have an extraordinary impact on people's lives.  As health care providers in the City of Cleveland, we touch people's lives in more ways than just from the medical perspective.  From the smile that stays on your face after laughing with that spunky 90 year old to the high five given to the child you just made feel special, we impact people's lives on a daily basis.  Saving someone's life is an amazing feeling but so is leaving a positive footprint.  We are lifesavers, counselors, child care providers, and sometimes just a friend to talk to.  Each aspect of our job is rewarding.  When you know you made someone's emergency more bearable, when that family thanks you with a hug, when you get heart felt recognition from the ones you have helped, that is filling beyond words.  We want to commend each and everyone of our co-workers for that little extra you give to make someone's experience with us better.  We all know we don't save lives everyday but we do leave positive footprints and memories that our patients will treasure forever.  

We cannot thank you enough for going above and beyond the call of duty. 

- The Executive Board.

We would like to extend our gratitude  to everyone who participated in The 1st Annual You're Knott Alone Golf Outing on September 16, 2016 at Berkshire Hills Golf Course.  We had a great turnout for golf during the day and an even better turnout for dinner and entertainment in the evening.  All of the proceeds that we raised from this event will help fund future training for CISM certifications and a Peer Support Group.  This will help ensure that First Responders will receive the proper care and ability to speak with trained personell that work in the field alongside these First Responders.  We would also like to thank everyone that donated door prizes for the raffle and each of the hole sponsors.  We could not have done this without everyone that particapated and helped out and for that, we are greatful.

The 2017 St Patrick's Day Parade will be held Friday March 17, 2017. We are still looking for members to march in the parade. Would like for those who are marching to wear your Class A uniforms if you do not have a Class A uniform and would still like to march contact a board member we may have an extra uniform for you to borrow. Everyone is required to wear a hat with pin.


Below you will find all of the news that was once listed on the home page in the order in which it was removed.  It will be posted on this page once it is removed from the home page.

National EMS Week 2016

C.A.R.E. I.L.A. Local 1975 President Dan Nemeth visited the studios of 98.5 WNCX to recognize and show appreciation the the Men and Women of Cleveland EMS

Removed 4/5/2016

Removed 03-29-16

Congratulations to Mark Angell for winning the 2015 Chili Cook Off.

Removed 03-29-16

Removed 09-08-15

Removed 09-08-15

Removed 09-02-15

Removed 09-02-15

Executive Board members will be collecting minimum donations of $5 for a project by C.A.R.E. and UH to provide bike helmets to kids.  We will be purchasing the helmets at the discounted rate of $10 a piece and we are hoping to buy 100 helmets.  Any donation will accepted and appreciated. 

Removed 09-02-15

A Bill has been introduced by Congessman Stephen Lynch to start a national EMS memorial for those who have given the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. We are asking that you take a minute and use the link below to contact your congressperson and representatives, and show your support for this important Bill.

Removed 09-02-15

The Annual Indians outing will be August 28th and 29th 19:00 both days.

Discount tickets are avaiable at $21 upper box and $31 lower box. 

Unfortunately the Indians are currently unable to offer discount tickets on their website.

Order forms should be available at all bases, if there are not any there please contact

Juan Cancel 216-664-6010


Mark Angell 440-336-1312

Order forms need to be faxed or emailed in.

Removed 08-09-15

Removed 08-09-15

Congratulations to Ryan Meyers on being this month's membership meeting raffle winner.Ryan won a $40 gift certificate to The Southside by simply showing up to the meeting. Everyone who shows up to general membership meetings is entered into the raffle for each month's meetings.

Removed 08-09-15

July's general membership meetings will be held at the Tremont Hall

Wednesday July 22nd @ 12:30 and 19:30

Thursday July 23rd @ 19:30

Removed 06-14-15

Thank you to all of those who came to the Gladiators Game to help kick off EMS week.

Removed 05-29-15

The Terminal Tower will be lit in green and blue for EMS week beginning May 18th.

Removed 05-28-15

Congratulations to John Tomlinson on the birth of his daughter Fallon Noelle. Mom and baby are doing well, please congratulate him when you see him. 

Congratulations to Charles Cali on the the birth of his daughter Henley Marie.  Please congratulate him when you see him. 

Congratulations to Mackenzie Richards-Veccia on the birth of her daughter Brooklynn.  Mom and baby are doing well. Please congratulate her when you see her.

Congratulations to Donald Crocker on the birth of his son, Mark Lucas Crocker.  Please congratulate him when you see him. 

Removed 05-28-15

The dates and times for the May Meeting have been rescheduled

May 27th 12:30 and 19:30

May 28th 19:30

All meetings held at the Tremont Hall.

Removed 05-28-15

Please join us in celebrating the 41st annual National EMS Week May 17th-23rd 2015

Removed 05-28-15

One of our Union brothers, John Tomlinson, is going through a
difficult time with the sudden passing of his Father.  Unfortunately, the family does not have the money for the burial, so they set up a fund to help raise the money, www.gofundme.com/upqtcw.
Please offer your condolences to John.
The family will be holding a Celebration of life and would welcome friends to come.  


New Russia Township Hall

46300 Butternut Ridge Rd.

Oberlin, OH 44074

Tuesday May 26th, 2015



Removed 05-28-15

Hello C.A.R.E. Members,

Please remember with pride and gratitude all who gave their lives to defend our freedom and liberty.  I hope our day is filled with memories and peace.  Happy Memorial Day!  Be safe!!

Removed 05-19-15

Please join us May 18th at 20:00 at Town Hall on W. 25th for the lighting of The Terminal Tower for EMS week.  

Removed 05-19-15

Please join us in welcoming Jonathan Wearstler to the Executive Board in the position of Sergeant at Arms.

Removed 04-26-15

Congratulations to a real EMS dinosaur Edward "Ted" Stockwell on his retirement.

Removed 04-26-15

Please join us in celebrating National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week !

Cleveland EMS dispatchers are some of the finest in the country and deserve way more credit and appreciation than they receive. Thank you for everything you do !

Removed 03-19-15

You are invited to attend the 148th St. Patrick's Day Parade on Tuesday March 17th. 

Personnel must be in Class A's or long sleeve dress uniforms with a tie.

Please meet next to our ambulance at E 18th and Superior at 12:30.  

Family members are welcome to march with uniformed personnel.

If you plan on marching you MUST contact Director Koons Medic 7 A-nights

216-392-2936 jkoons@care1975.com

Removed 03-19-15

This year's nominations are in.

1st Vice President;  Daniel Nemeth is running unopposed

Treasurer; Sharon Kaleal is running unopposed

Sergeant at Arms;

     Anthony McGhaw

     Timothy Somerfelt

     Jonathan Wearstler

Voting for the these board positions will be held at the March meeting.

Removed 03-01-15

No one is in the need of a reminder of how stressful our jobs can be.  The long hours, night shift, weekends, holidays, being in the truck the whole shift, eating on the run, limited down time, the ligths and sirens, and that doesn't even start to talk about the actual calls we go on.  EMS is a stressful life and lifestyle, but we can reduce our stress.  No one needs to go through it alone.  Remember to take care of yourself and your union brothers.  There are outlets for your stress, if you are in need talk to someone, talk to your partner, ease at work, a board member, a union brother, a supervisor, or anyone you trust. Below is a link for an article about EMS stress.

Ease at Work ‪216.241.3273‬

Removed 03-01-15

"Safety is something that happens between your ears, not something you hold in your hands."

Removed 01-07-15

Tackle The Tower is coming on February 7th.  $25 includes the race, a t-shirt, food and fun.

Removed 01-22-15

Sergeant at Arms Dan Nemeth is starting up a "supporting care" program.  Details are still being worked out, but we are looking for volunteers, and suggestions for the program.  The program will be designed to help out our co-workers and their families in their time of need.  This could inlcude taking someone to doctor appointents, grocery shopping, running errands, helping with yard work, helping with pets, or just spending quality time with them. 


We are forming a list of volunteers/co-workers that want to help.  We will need your name, your shift, contact information, and any time restrictions you have.  If you are interested or have any input please fill out the form below, all information given will solely be used for this program.

You may also contact Dan Nemeth with questions                                     dnemeth@care1975.com or 216-253-6522

Removed 01-22-15

Follow the link below to check and see how much money you will be receiving for the time clock class action lawsuit.

Removed 01-22-15

Thank you to all of those who participated in the 50/50 raffle and helped us raised over $500 for Ronald McDonald House.  The Grand Prize winner was Greg Richards.  Other winners were Juan Cancel, Geoffrey Nasynnik, Mayra Valentino, Doug Green, and Donald Crocker.

Removed 01-22-15

Thank you to all of those who came to the Holiday Party!

Removed 01-22-15

C.A.R.E.'s day at Ronald McDonald House was a success.  We prepared lunch for the patients and their families.  Thank to all of those who came out and lended a hand.  Thank you to Jeffrey Koons for setting up the opportunity.  A very special thank you to Sharon Kaleil for doing all the prepping, shopping, and coordinating to make the day great.

Removed 01-22-15

Thank you to all of those who showed up and supported our Brothers in Blue at the Sea of Blue Rally in Public Square on December 27th.  A very special thank you to all of retired and former CARE members who showed their support.

Removed 01-22-15


Removed 01-22-15

Happy New Year Everyone!
Thank you for doing your part in handling
109,045 calls for help in 2014!

Removed 12-28-14

Our Brothers in Blue are asking for our support. Sea of Blue Support Rally is this Saturday December 27th Noon-1:30pm on Public Square.  Please come out, bring your family and friends, and support CPD.  They are asking participants to wear blue in support.  There will be buses running back and forth from West Park Station and the CPPA hall from 10:30am until after the rally is over.

Removed 12-15-15

C.A.R.E. will be leading a helping hand at Ronald McDonald House on Monday December 15th.  We will be preparing lunch for the patients and their families. If interested please contact Herb DelValle 216-543-9067 hdelvalle@care1975.com or                                Sharon Kaleil 216-408-4647 skaleil@care1975.com

We will also be making donations to Ronald McDonald House through the form of gifts. Click the link below to see the wish list, any donations can be given to any Board Member including Paul Melhuish at HQ.

Removed 12-14-14

There is a 50/50 raffle for the Holiday Party.  Proceeds will benefit Ronald McDonald House. There will also be other prizes and gift cards. Tickets are $5 for 1 or $20 for 5. Please see Jeff Koons or any other Board Member for tickets.  Grand Prize drawing will be on December 13 at the party.

Removed 12-14-14

C.A.R.E./Local ILA will be hosting their Holiday Party at Lincoln Park Pub on December 6th and 13th both beginning at 19:30.  All are welcome, current and former members, and their friends and family.

Draft beer will provided.  Other drink and food specials will be available.

Lincoln Park Pub

2609 W 14th St.

Cleveland, OH 44113

Removed 12-05-14

Cleveland EMS is now hiring EMT-B's and Paramedics.  Please tell any potential employees to contact Sergeant McCue gmccue@city.cleveland.oh.us or at 216-664-2555

Removed 11-26-14

Please contact the payroll line and leave a message for any of your payroll issues at


Removed 11-26-14

The current contract is now available.  If you have not recieved a copy please contact secretary Vasicek to be added to the union email list or click on the "current contract / constitution" tab to request a copy.


Removed 11-26-14

The November meeting dates are set for Wednesday the 19th at 12:30 and 19:30 and Thursday the 20th at 19:30.

All meetings will be held at the union hall, 2537 Professor Ave.

Removed 11-26-14

Larry Cazmair Heczko


Larry "Gomer" Heczko, a 23 year veteran of Avon Lake FD, will be remembered at

Busch Funeral Home 163 Avon-Beldin Rd. Avon Lake

on Tuesday November 18th 14:00-20:00.

Removed 10-09-14

Wednesday October 8th at 13:00 in City Council Chamber the CEMS class 2014-1 will be graduating.  The graduation is open to the public and all CEMS employees are invited to attend.

Removed 10-07-14

Contract negotiations are now over.  The new contract will be signed and available soon.

Removed 09-27-14

C.A.R.E. will be participating in a chili cook-off fundraiser along with firefighters from 24 Ohio fire departments on Saturday, September 27, 2014 from noon until 5:00 p.m.  Local 1975 will be making 15 gallons of chili to compete at "The Famous Rivals Firefighter Chili Cook-off".  Attendees, with a $10 donation, can enjoy all the chili that they can eat, enjoy music from Cleveland Firefighters Memorial Pipes and Drums, and cast a vote for your favorite chili.  All net proceeds will go to the families of two Toledo firefighters who lost their lives in the line of duty in January 2014.  Attached are two flyers with more information about this event.  If anyone is interested, please contact Jeff Koons at 216-392-2936

Removed 08-17-14

We are currently in contract/intergration negotiations with the city.  If you have any questions/comments please contact any member of the executive board.


Removed 08-17-14

MHM is conducting a survey.  They want your input.  "What gets measured, gets improved".


Metro is looking for the input of all the surrounding EMS systems who transport there.  As you know no one transports there more than we do, so let's have our voices heard.

The survey is completely anonymous and could be very helpful improving our experience at MHM.

Removed 08-17-14

Congratulations to the winners of the EMS week raffle

1st Dan Nemeth

2nd Jim Harter

3rd Lisa Melhuish

4th Tony Sessin

Thank you to all who participated and helped support such a worthy cause.



July membership meetings are July 16th @ 12:30 and 19:30, July 17th @ 19:30.Removed 08-17-14


Removed 07-09-14

We have recently been in contact with Tri-C Fire academy coordinators and they are willing to have a State of Ohio Firefighter Level II class that works around a CEMS schedule. Before the details can be worked out we need to have estimated numbers of how many people are actually interested in attending the class. The tentative start date will be in August and last for 10 weeks. The class will work with night or day shift. We currently have many more people on B shift who have shown interest so as of now the class will be based on B shift schedule. The estimated cost is $2300 for in county residents, with an additional $400 for SCBA rental if needed. Please remember that none of the details included are set in stone and may still change in the future. Also be aware that CARE/ILA Local 1975 is negotiating so that this same training will be available to all interested, who qualify, for free. Also the Tri-C class will be on your own off time, while the city provided training will be "on duty" time, and at no out of pocket cost. If you are interested in attending the Tri-C course or simply wanted to be included in more fourth coming details please fill out the form below:

Removed 06-02-14

The raffle for EMS week is now closed. The winners will be drawn soon. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place winners with the proceeds going to The EMS Memorial and MDA.

Removed 06-02-14

Happy anniversary to the classes of May 2006 and May 2008.

Removed 06-02-14

There is a cigar sampling and whiskey tasting at Lincoln Park Pub on May 23rd, 2014 @ 19:30. The sampling is exclusively for members of CARE Local 1975 and their guests. $25 for the whiskey and cigars. If you are interested please contact Jeff Koons @ 216-392-2936.

Removed 06-02-14

Hello C.A.R.E. Members,

Thank each and every one of you for your hard work and dedication to the citizens of Cleveland. We know that you cannot be thanked enough, but please know that we appreciate all that you do.
Happy EMS Week!!!

Removed 06-02-14


Removed 05-21-14

We are beginning our EMS week celebrations with a raffle, a winner will be drawn everyday during EMS week May 18th-24th. Tickets are $5 a piece or 5 for $20. To purchase tickets please contact Director Koons @ 216-392-2936. This is a 50/50 raffle to benefit the National EMS memorial and MDA Muscle Distrophy Association. Tickets will be on sale from now until May 17th. Please help fund these worthy causes.

Removed 05-17-14

The ballots have been tallied and your new CARE/ILA Local 1975 Director is Jeff Koons.  Please join us in congratulating him.

The other offices up for election have been retained; President by Orlando Wheeler, 2nd Vice President by Paul Melhuish, and Secretary by Marilyn Vasicek.

Removed 05-17-14

We will be having Union Membership Meetings on May 14, 2014 @ 12:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. and May 15, 2014 @ 7:30 p.m. only.  All meetings will be at the Tremont Hall, 2537 Professor St.  Hope to see you there.

Removed 02-14-14

West Park Early Childhood PTA is for parents of children birth-6 yrs old. It's a great organization that does field trips, parties, parent events, helps each other in their time of need, and has proven to be a great support system for working or stay at home parents.  Many members are safety forces personnel, their spouses, school teachers, and stay at home parents. Here is a link;


or you can contact Bryan Reilly  216-324-2051 for more information.

Sometimes having little ones in the life of a public safety schedule can be hard and it's great to have a support system and have your kids make friends from the neighborhood.


You do not have to live in the West Park neighborhood to join the group.

Removed 02-14-14

St. Patricks Day T-shirts are still for sale. Shirts are $15 and will be available for pick up prior to St. Patrick's Day.  Please contact Mark Angell @ 440-336-1312 or at mangell111@yahoo.com to order.  T-shrts are $15.

Removed 02-05-14

Thank you for doing your part in answering more than 106,000 emergency calls from the citizens and visitors to the City of Cleveland in 2013.

Removed 01-25-14

<P>The January general membership meetings will be held January 22 @ 12:30 and 19:30, and January 23 @ 19:30.&nbsp; All meetings will be held at the Tremont Hall located at 2537 Professor Ave.&nbsp; The agenda for the meetings will be the status of intergration and contract negotiations. Also there will be nominations for President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, and Director.</P>

Removed 1-11-14

CARE is hosting Holiday parties on December 7th and 14th. Both parties begin at 8pm at The Licoln Park Pub 2609 W.14th.  There will be food and drink specials, and a 50/50 raffle with cash and other prizes.  All care members and their families are welcome to attend one or both of the parties.  Please contact Jeff Koons with any questions 216-392-2936

Removed 1-11-14

Deadline for stamps for having paystubs mailed in 2014 are due by December 27, 2013.

Deadline to sign up for the special event list for 2014 is December 27, 2013 @ 12:00.

Deadline for secondary employment forms for 2014 is January 31st, 2014.

Removed 11-24-13

The November general membership meetings will be on Wednesday Nov. 20th @ 12:30 and 19:30, and Thursday Nov. 21st @ 19:30.  All meetings will be held at the Tremont Hall.

Removed 09-19-13

There is a general membership meeting tonight, Sept 18th,  at 19:30 at the Tremont Hall, Ken Lanci will be in attendance.  There is a general membership meeting tomorrow at 19:30 at the Tremont Hall.

Removed 09-04-13

The City of Cleveland has 20 discount Indians home games to choose from.  To order click on the link below.  If you have any questions please contact Jackie Plys @ 216-420-4162 or jplys@indians.com  There is a special offer code, however since this is a public site it is not posted on here. Please contact Mark Angell @ mangell@care1975.com or text/call @ 440-336-1312 or Jackie Plys to obtain the special offer code.


Indians Tickets Link

Removed 08-13-13

This monday August 12th 2013 is the CFREMS Awards Ceremony, at City Hall Council Chambers at noon.

Removed 08-09-13

Thank you to the 40+ people who filed grievences on behalf of retaining our title of Medic.  Even though the change was not in fact a grieveable offense the administration heard your voice.  They have agreed to keep the title of Medic attached to our ambulances.  Again, thank you to all of you who filed grievences and made a difference.

Removed 08-09-13

The Awards Committee is looking for commendations from all personnel field, dispatch, and office.  If you have anyone you wish to nominate please fill out the form below.  Nominations can be for anything you like. Also if you know of a call that you believe should be nominated for the "medical", "trauma", or "dispatch" "call of the month" please use the form below.

Removed 08-09-13


CARE is sponsoring two teams in the "A Race In Her Heels" fundraiser.  Teams of five men will participate in a relay race wearing women's high heel shoes.  Trophies are awarded for the fastest team, the best dressed team, and the team that raises the most money.  All funds raised will go to benefit the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center.  The event is August 10th, 2013 from 11:00-15:00 at John Carroll University 20700 N Park Blvd. University Heights, OH 44118. CARE is giving the $250 registration fee for two teams with at least 3 CARE/ILA Local 1975 members on each team.  Teams are encouraged to raise as much money as possible for this worthy cause.


Please contact Mark Angell @ mangell@care1975.com or 440-336-1312

or Heather Pollack @ raceinherheels@gmail.com with any questions.

Removed 06-22-13

If you are interested in becoming an FTO you must submit a resume and letter of intent to the Office of the Commissioner before June 21st at 17:00.  You must have at least two years experience as a Functioning Medic.

Removed 06-22-13

There is a meetings today Wednesday June 12th and Thursday June 13th 12:30 and 19:30 both days.  These meetings are to address concerns about the recent intergration developements and specificly the CARE members that will be attending the Fire Academy later this month.  All meetings will be at the Tremont Hall.

Rmeoved 06-07-13

Don't forget that applications to volunteer for the fire training are due by June 7th by noon.  A letter of intent along with a resume, a copy of your driver's license, and all of your state cards should be submitted to the Office of the Commissioner. Training will begin June 17th mon-fri 07:30-16:30 for 8 weeks and then trainees will be returned to regular duty in the division of EMS.

Removed 06-04-13

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The integration committee has been hard at work preparing for upcoming negotiations. If you have any questions, comments, concerns or ideas for the integration committee please fill out the form below.

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Removed 06-03-13

We are mourning the loss of a co-worker, friend, and brother.

We are saddened by the sudden loss of James Lang Jr.

There will be a memorial service held at SVCH chapel on Thursday May 30th @ 11:00.

Afterwards SVCH will dedicate the new EMS lounge in James' name.

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