This page highlights issues of interest for active CARE 1975 Members


July 2020 Membership meetings have been RESCHEDULED to the following dates/times

  • Wed, July 8th at 1930 hrs
  • Thursday, July 9th at 0800 and 1930 hrs

Meetings will be at the Union Hall (CPPA hall), or a nearby outdoor location

If you are not receiving membership e-mails, please contact to resolve any issues.


We ask that every time a CEMS member treats a suspected CoVID-19 patient that they take the the time after the call to fill out the On-Duty injury tab on our website.


This applies even if a member does not fill out an exposure packet. By filling out this tab with every encounter, you help us create a written record of all potential encounters.


Collective Bargaining Agreement Dispute


In the interest of transparency, we are posting all our court documents on this page for easy download. Note that these decisions are a matter of public record; we are not sharing any confidential bargaining information. As of June 2020, CARE still does not have a settled contract:


Arbitration Award.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [264.3 KB]
Common Pleas Decision.PDF
PDF File [158.4 KB]
Appeal to 8th District Court.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [369.3 KB]

In order to better address payroll concerns, we now recommend that members with payroll issues first e-mail . We recommend e-mailing rather than a phone call, because it creates a written record. If your issues are not able to be resolved, please then fill out the General Concerns tab above.

Senior Personnel Assistant Jacqueline Tatutm is now working out of CEMS headquarters. As part of her human resources duties, she is willing to accept the biometric data reporting forms necessary to obtain the annual discount on one's insurance, which can be downloaded below. She is also able to obtain verification that the forms have been received. The completed forms can be e-mailed to or she can be reached by phone at 216 664 4118. Alternatively, members can continue to submit the form directly to city hall.


Adobe Acrobat document [67.1 KB]
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