Public RelationsThe purpose of this team is to promote a positive image of Cleveland EMS, as well as to inform and educate the public about our profession.  The PR team will be involved with many city functions, charity events, and other community activities.

Team Members - Anna Bileci, Ben Wilson, Brandon Serri, Dominique Bouye, Gina Frangias, Jack Healey, Kathryn Sijakavic, Gary Benoit, Ray DiSanto,Spencer Huston,Tim Sommerfelt, Sarah Cohen. Click Here to Contact Our Public Relations Committee


Base Representatives - The base reps will be the point of contact for any base concerns.

Team Members - Brandon Serri, Gina Frangias, Joe Spurlock, Kathryn Sijakovic, Gary Benoit, Ray DiSanto. Click Here to Contact Our Base Representative Committee


Safety Team - The purpose of this team will be to review safety matters pertaining to equipment, working conditions, and other matters pertaining to safety.

Team Members - Andrew Hulvey, Joe Spurlock, Gary Benoit, Ray DiSanto, Mike Stamper.

Click Here to Contact Our Safety Team Committee


Member Relations Team - This team will recognize members having birthdays, anniversaries, deaths in the family and/or births.

Team Members - Anna Bileci, Ben Wilson, Ben Visocky, Brandon Serri, Jack Healey, Spencer Huston. Click Here to Contact Our Member Relations Committee


History Steward - Ben Visocky

Website/Social Media Stewards - Ben Visocky, Tim Sommerfelt




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