Tenative dates for next meetings:


Wednesday , 2017 at 12:30 pm & 7:30pm


Thursday , 2017 at  7:30pm




Please remember these dates are subject to change.

                    Contact Us

C.A.R.E. Local 1975

 2537 Professor Ave
 Cleveland, OH 44113


Phone: 216-615-9738

 Fax: 1-844-274-0550



E.M.S Week

MAY 21-27th

More details to be announced

Golf Outing

The 2017 Golf Outting will be held on June 25, 2017 please mark your calendars additional Details to be announced. So pass the word and get your golf swing ready.

2017 Events

APRIL - We would like to invite the Members, friends and family to a Night of Bowling. This event will be held on April 29, 2017 at Cloverleaf Lanes 5619 Brecksville Rd, Independence Ohio 44131 from 6p-10p. For more details or information please contact Dez. Hope to see you all in the building.

Some other events that would like to do is have Women's Night Out, Volunteer time during the Easter holiday at the Shelters and Nursing homes. If you have any ideas or suggestions please let us know.


JULY - Picnic/Day in the park


SEPTEMBER - Softball game with CPD,  possibly Cleveland Browns game, and Chilli Cook-off


NOVEMBER - Volunteer time during the Holidays

IF you have any ideas or ways that we can give back to the community please send an e-mail danderson@care1975,com












           2017 Christmas Party

Christmas will be held DECEMBER 02,2017 at Lago downtown Eastbank of the Flats again this year. If you attended the event last year you know how well the event went. So pass the word we would like to see you there this year. Hotel and transportation services to be given later. 

We would like to extend our gratitude  to everyone who participated in The 1st Annual You're Knott Alone Golf Outing on September 16, 2016 at Berkshire Hills Golf Course.  We had a great turnout for golf during the day and an even better turnout for dinner and entertainment in the evening.  All of the proceeds that we raised from this event will help fund future training for CISM certifications and a Peer Support Group.  This will help ensure that First Responders will receive the proper care and ability to speak with trained personell that work in the field alongside these First Responders.  We would also like to thank everyone that donated door prizes for the raffle and each of the hole sponsors.  We could not have done this without everyone that particapated and helped out and for that, we are greatful.

Fellow Members, 

From jump starting a heart to filling a patient's lungs with oxygen, we have an extraordinary impact on people's lives.  As health care providers in the City of Cleveland, we touch people's lives in more ways than just from the medical perspective.  From the smile that stays on your face after laughing with that spunky 90 year old to the high five given to the child you just made feel special, we impact people's lives on a daily basis.  Saving someone's life is an amazing feeling but so is leaving a positive footprint.  We are lifesavers, counselors, child care providers, and sometimes just a friend to talk to.  Each aspect of our job is rewarding.  When you know you made someone's emergency more bearable, when that family thanks you with a hug, when you get heart felt recognition from the ones you have helped, that is filling beyond words.  We want to commend each and everyone of our co-workers for that little extra you give to make someone's experience with us better.  We all know we don't save lives everyday but we do leave positive footprints and memories that our patients will treasure forever.  

We cannot thank you enough for going above and beyond the call of duty. 

- The Executive Board.

Biometric Health Screenings

Fellow Members, this is a list of the dates and times as well as the location of the biometric health screenings that the City of Cleveland will provide for the second quarter of 2016.  You may attend any one of the following or go to your own Primary Care Physician for the health screening.  If you go to your own PCP, please remember that they must fill out the biometric health screening form that is available.  After you have completed the health screening, make sure you go online and fill out the Health Risk Assessment .  This will save you 4% on your health insurance coverage for 2017!!! 

National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week 2016

This Week we celebrate National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week.  We cannot thank all of our EMDs up at the Red Center for all the hard work and long hours that they put in each and every day 24/7/365.  Remember, our patients cannot receive our help in the field without the help of our EMDs first, and we thank you for that!!!

Mental Health Survey


  Fellow CARE Members,  

  In the next few days, we will be sending out a Mental Health Survey to all of our members to help improve our battle against PTSD.  We are always seeing things that the average person does not see and are expected to just continue on with our jobs.  Studies are showing that EMS personnell have some of the largest numbers of employees that suffer from PTSD and mental illness.  This will be an anonymous survey and all that will be seen is the results.  Your name and email will remain completely anonymous and will not be visible to anyone.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take the time to fill out this survey as it is imperative that we have the numbers to back up some of the Language we are adding to the upcoming contract.  The survey will be sent out via a Hyperlink in an email from the Union.  Please make sure that Marilyn has your most current email address as this will be the one used to send out the survey. 



Here is our new CARE Logo

Cleveland EMS


Acting Commissioner Carlton is looking for pictures of our members to hang in HQ to celebrate our 40th anniversary.  The photos should be of yourself, with your family, your spouse, significant other, friends, pets, or anything that may respresent you as a unique person.  Please email the photos to Sgt. Schneider at

Cleveland EMS Today

Cleveland EMS is staffed with, on average, 200 professionals who run 18 state-of-the-art advanced life support ambulances handling over 105,000 emergency calls annually. The dispatch center is now run locally with certified Emergency Medical Dispatchers trained on a Computer Aided Dispatching system which allows for call prioritizing, pre-arrival instructions, and the tracking of ambulances and support vehicles.
The Division’s emergency medical personnel receive rigorous education, training, and performance evaluations to make certain that Cleveland's citizens and visitors receive the best pre-hospital medical care in times of need.

Cleveland EMS History

Cleveland's Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Division was one of the country's first. Prior to its formation, police cars were used for emergency hospital transportation. A federal grant enabled the City to purchase a dozen ambulances and train 120 Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's).

EMS Medic 9 (based out of University Hospitals at that time) responded to its first call at 9:00 am on October 13th, 1975. Cleveland EMS handled over 80,000 emergency calls that year. At that time, a central dispatch center received nationwide 911 calls which were then routed to the appropriate cities.

Advances in medicine, technology, education and training allowed the division to make major improvements. Public awareness grew as people recognized that EMS services were increasing survival rates for the critically sick and injured.